Xtra Activities

Maximize your FUN at Fun Slides with these activities!

Super Ninja Challenge Course

Run, jump, and race across obstacles in our Super Ninja Challenge Course! You’ll be braving 8 different obstacles while keeping an eye on the clock.

Glowing Bounce 'N Slide

Be the king of an incredibly bouncy castle! Climb to the top and slide back down again! Anyone of any age will have fun bouncing around on this inflatable castle. Makes for great party entertainment!

Blacklight Dodgeball

At Blacklight dodgeball, players are given glowing dodgeballs with which to throw and avoid. Dodge your opponent’s balls while throwing at them!

Carpet Hockey

You don’t have to get cold feet here—there’s no ice! Enjoy showing off your carpet skating skills and your hockey skills with carpet hockey. Hockey enthusiasts will love this activity!

Mini Golf

Welcome to Slippy’s Galaxy Golf! We’ve transformed putt-putt into a galactic adventure, complete with black-light-illuminated holes. With 14 holes of pure fun, Mini Golf is a fantastic way to have a blast with your friends and family. So grab your putter and take off into outer space! 


Need a break from all the carpet skating? Enjoy our classic arcade games! We’ve got racing games, rhythm games, and more!! If you’d still like some slip-and-sliding, just not on your feet, we’ve got an air-hockey table, too.

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