Welcome to Fun Slides Skatepark!

Fun isn’t about the latest tech, the biggest roller coaster, or the next box office hit. Fun is sliding across the floor just because you feel like it and laughing with your friends as you try to do a handstand. For every kid who’s ever taken a running leap at a towel dropped on the tile, for every parent who’s ever felt the urge to slide across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, there is Fun Slides Skate Park.

Carpet Skating in Pittsburgh

Once upon a time, a man invented EZ Moves Furniture Slides. But he soon found that more people were using them to skate across the floor than to move couches. And so (with a little time and a lot of goofing off), Fun Slides Skatepark was born. We adapted the furniture slides into grooved, plastic “skates” that kids can strap on their feet right over their shoes. Then we tricked out our facility in carpet-covered slides, ramps, and grind rails to give kids their biggest indoor skating experience ever. It’s safer than skating on ice and concrete, but twice as much fun!

At Fun Slides Skate Park, you’ll find:

  • Ramps, jumps, rails, and slides for carpet skating fun
  • Instructors to teach new skaters fun tricks and skills
  • A safe, family-friendly environment
  • Fun music to get your blood pumping
  • Bounce houses and obstacle courses
  • Competitive games of carpet skate dodgeball
  • Butt slides for younger kids
  • Birthday parties with a dedicated party host, tons of fun add-ons, and 2 hours of carpet sliding
  • Group events for schools, daycares, and church groups

Get Social!

Want to see exclusive pictures, hear the latest news, and get in on the carpet skating fun? Find us online! Carpet Slides Skatepark is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Slip, slide, and glide your way to the time of your life! For more information on carpet skating in Pittsburgh, call Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark and Party Center.