We ♥ Our Staff

Fun Slides Park Vision Statement: To be a positive and encouraging place of employment for our team members who in turn create a positive and encouraging environment for our young guests.

We ♥ our staff because they ♥ our customers!

Being a new-to-the-world type of family entertainment center, we get lots of positive feedback from our guests. The absolute best, and the comments we get the most of, are about our terrific staff. The young adults that work at Fun Slides love what they do and it shows in the way they treat our customers. From relieving the stresses of a party parent with 24 little guests, or encouraging timid skaters to learn cool new tricks, to creating a one-of-a-kind experience for our birthday honorees, our staff is simply the best.

To work at Fun Slides Park potential employees must be outgoing, love kids, and have some skate, skateboarding or snow boarding experience. Most of our staff members come to us by referral of other team members because they really enjoy working at Fun Slides. Referring potential employees is a big responsibility because team members know our high standards and to only refer people they want to be known for referring.

Prior to interviews applicants must first agree to the statements in our document Is This The Right Job For You? where we cover aspects like honesty, appearance, having a playful attitude and a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy. After being interviewed by managers and owners, the top candidates are welcomed to the team pending background checks. All team members are hired for specific positions of either Cashier, Party Host or Skate Instructor and train to become certified, however some are cross-trained to do all jobs and can work to achieve multiple certifications. To become certified, new team member trainees shadow our training staff and must show proficiency in waiting on customers, hosting the perfect party or skate instruction with required tricks.

Team members also undergo new hire orientations learning about great guest service and work ethics, and attend regular staff meetings.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we thank you for trusting your family with us. Our teams of incredible young adults take seriously the job of play and having fun. They really do try to be encouraging role models for your kids.

If you ever have complaints, PLEASE tell us and we will do everything we can to correct the situation. And when you have compliments PLEASE tell us, tell others or tell our staff it will really make them feel special like we know they are!

Employment Opportunities

To apply at Fun Slides Park, you must be at least 16 years old. Please complete the online application.