The 411 on Fun Slides Gift Cards

Who says you can’t give gifts just because Christmas is over? As we wrap up the 12 Days of Christmas on January 5th, we’re reminded that, although we celebrate generosity and love during the Christmas season, gift giving is something that never goes out of style. Just to prove it, we’re sharing 3 reasons to give a gift card this January.

3 Reasons to Give a Gift Card

  1. New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that the top 10 New Year’s resolutions each year include getting healthy and spending time with the people you love? At Fun Slides you can do both, having family adventures that are so fun, you won’t even realize you’re staying active. Family goals: accomplished.
  2. January birthdays. Kids with January birthdays aren’t quite as bad off as kids with December birthdays, but it comes pretty close. Let your kids know they’re cherished by celebrating with a Fun Slides birthday party and a gift card so they can come back and play.
  3. Just because. Who needs a reason to bring a smile to someone’s face? Fun Slides offers unique family fun in Pittsburgh. Kids will love skating, tackling the Super Ninja Challenge, and taking advantage of all of our Xtra Fun. Give kids a gift card to Fun Slides, then tag along to make new memories together.

Gift Cards at Fun Slides

What can you use a Fun Slides gift card on? Anything! Our gift cards are good for admission, food, and fun xtras like blacklight dodgeball. If you have a question about purchasing or using a Fun Slides gift card, all you have to do is ask.