Summer Fun Slides into Pittsburgh

There’s so many options for summer fun in Pittsburgh. Here are five reasons to join us at Fun Slides Skatepark this summer!

  • Get indoors! Beat the heat this summer in our fully air conditioned indoor play space. A day at Fun Slides means that climbing temperatures, rain, smog, and swarms of pesky bugs won’t interrupt your plans.
  • Stay active! Kids may be tempted to spend their summer lazing around the house playing video games or staring at screens. Remember, kids and teens who get enough exercise have healthier hearts and stronger bones, and are able to concentrate better, stay calmer in periods of stress, and sleep better. The CDC recommends kids get at least one hour of physical activity per day! Fun Slides offers active fun to keep kids moving.
  • Learn a new skill! You’ve probably been roller skating, but have you ever tried carpet skating before? Most people have slid along a wooden floor in their socks, whether on accident or on purpose. Carpet skating is safer than roller skating because you’re on carpet, not a hard floor. Plus every new skater is assigned an instructor until they feel comfortable on their own. Why not learn something new this summer?
  • Family fun! Kids 3 and older can skate (any skater under 4 must have a parent with them on the skate floor), and littler ones can play on the inflatable bounce area. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our Fun Slides fit up to size 13 adult shoes! We also have a free wifi lounge for non-skaters.
  • Affordability! Fun Slides is as affordable as it is fun. Check out our prices and hours of operation.

Get the whole family together and come see us for great indoor fun this summer!