STEM Skating Field Trips

When kids are young, they can’t stop asking questions.

“Why is the sky blue?”

“How does gravity work?”

“How can I skate faster?”

At Fun Slides Skatepark, kids don’t just reach for the sky, they touch it! We’re rolling out a brand new STEM program to engage Pittsburgh students in science, technology, engineering, and math. Fun Slides STEM field trips is designed to supplement teachers’ current curriculum with a lesson that’s fun, interactive, and hands-on. Your kids will be talking about this science lesson all year!

STEM Field Trips in Pittsburgh

Ian Teaching

As they grow older, many kids lose the curiosity that draws them to study the STEM disciplines. But there’s so much to explore! Research shows that engaging kids’ curiosity at a young age significantly impacts whether they’ll pursue science, technology, engineering, or math fields in the future.

Whether your students are little engineers in training or they’ve started to lose the spark of curiosity, our STEM skating program will capture their attention. We combine learning with fun, calling on “Professor Slyde” to teach kids about Newton’s Laws of Motion. What can you expect at a Fun Slides STEM field trip?

  • Book your field trip. Let us know if you have a lesson you’d like to highlight. We work from a tried-and-true curriculum to engage kids in the science of motion, but we’re happy to work in questions that call back to classroom lessons.
  • Learn the basic principles of motion. Kids will get a fun, interactive lesson about Newton’s Laws of Motion with our STEM educator.
  • See what makes Fun Slides work! After learning about Newton’s Laws, the kids will hit the ramps for interactive lessons about gravity and motion.
  • Have fun. What’s the best way to make the lesson stick? Let the kids play! After their lesson, the kids will have time to try out carpet skating for themselves. Want to really have a blast? Ask about dodgeball games, the ninja obstacle course, the bounce house, and butt slides.

Build the blocks that will encourage your students to pursue STEM education. Call Fun Slides Skatepark to book a STEM carpet skating lesson for your school or homeschool group.