Ramp Difficulty Ratings

Your Safety and Fun are our Priorities!

Fun Slides is introducing a new Ramp Difficulty Rating System. These symbols will be appearing on signs that will be on or next to ramps.

This system will help you understand what difficulty level a ramp is at, and whether or not attempting it would be wise. Please avoid trying new difficulty levels until you’ve had success with the previous ones first!


These ramps are designed to introduce guests to the carpet skating world. They are the easiest ramps we have, and the place where everyone should begin.


This level is where guests perfect their balance. These ramps will prepare you for the levels ahead. It's recommended for people who have consistent success on the beginner ramps.


These ramps are for seasoned and experienced carpet skaters. They introduce obstacles that do not exist in the previous levels. Only attempt an advanced ramp if you are having consistent success on the intermediate ramps.


These are the most difficult ramps we have. This level introduces different angles and obstacles that do not exist in the previous levels. Expert ramps are NOT recommended for first time visitors. Only attempt an expert ramp if you have mastered the lower levels.

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