Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

Does your child have a big birthday coming up? There are a lot of options to choose from for a summer birthday party and the pressure to make the big day perfect can be immense. Thankfully, we have you 100% covered!

At Fun Slides Pittsburgh, planning the perfect summer birthday party has never been easier! With over 33,000 sq. ft. of action-packed activity space, fun is our specialty. Here are a few helpful tips to plan a party your kid will never forget.

It’s All About the Preparation!

The most critical aspect of planning a great birthday party is getting started early. From booking the space you want to making sure your guests have plenty of notice, you should try to start planning at least a couple months in advance.

Communication is Key

A critical aspect of planning the perfect party is communication with other parents. This will help you gauge things like:

Plus, you never know when another parent might ask to lend a hand, which could make your planning process that much easier.

Listen to What Your Child Wants

We all want the absolute best for our kids, but it’s also easy to get carried away. A lot of times, we’ll get so wrapped up in planning our vision of the perfect birthday that we forget to ask them what they want. Asking the birthday boy or girl what he or she wants will make for a happier kid and a better party all around.

From toddler to teen, we would be happy to help you start planning your party at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark. Give us a call today and let’s give your child the most awesome birthday party ever!