Plan Some Special Family Time at Fun Slides

Parenting is not easy. Not only do you have to take care of yourself and your job, but you also have young, impressionable people depending on you for everything. Between feeding them, clothing them, and handling the demands of your own life, how do you make time to really spend time with your children?

Family bonding can be tricky, especially in an age where we’re all increasingly scheduled within an inch of our lives. That’s why playing with kids is so important. Not only is it good for their development, it’s good for parents and family ties. The trick is to find something that both (or all!) of you will enjoy. And that’s where Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark in Pittsburgh, PA comes in.

A trip to Fun Slides gives you a great opportunity to hang out with your kids. How many times have you or you kids slid around on wood or linoleum floors while wearing socks? Carpet skating is just like that! It’s also safer than traditional roller skating and easy to learn. Fun Slides is affordable–a one-hour visit is just $10 per person, and additional time is even less. Plus, carpet skating exercises your heart, lungs, legs, and the muscles of your core. Most kids and adults don’t get the 60 minutes of physical activity every day recommended by experts. Cut down on that exercise deficit while bonding with your children, and save a bundle!
Don’t let your child become a stranger. What better place to bond than at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark? Create beautiful moments of joy together that you’ll treasure forever!