Pick a STEM Field Trip to Make Learning Fun

Not only do good field trips need to be educational and engaging, they also have to be affordable, safe, and accessible. Plus, field trips demand more fun than a regular lesson. You have to make the adventure worthwhile for the students and the administration. So how can teachers pick the best option for their class? At Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark in Pittsburgh, PA, we’ve taken the guesswork out of planning field trips. Check out our STEM field trips, perfect for grades 3 through 5!

boys studying

At a Fun Slides STEM Field Trip, your students will learn about Newton’s three laws of motion. Teachers know how these laws tie into so much of modern science; what better way to learn about them than while skating? Friction, acceleration, and balanced and unbalanced forces will come alive for students in a dynamic, fun way as they see them demonstrated and participate in experiments of their own. When the lessons are over, students will have plenty of time to go carpet skating for themselves, putting their new knowledge to use and working off excess energy before the bus ride home. Teachers and chaperones can even get in on the fun and learn to carpet skate too!

We are conveniently located and our field trip packages are flexible and affordable, suitable for traditional schools as well as homeschool co-ops. We even host groups with special needs or sensory concerns. Contact Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark today to talk about your group’s needs and let our host, Professor Slyde, lead your students on a field trip adventure they’ll talk about all year!