Party Invitations

Got a Party Planned? Get Your Invites Here!

Do you have a party planned with us, but you’re not sure what people should bring? We have the solution for you! Our printable invitations can be customized with everything your guests need to know. Just click the button below to download the file, and scroll down to follow the instructions.

Follow the instructions below to assemble your card:

  1. Print Out PDF File
    • Print out the FunSlides_PartyInvitations_Print.pdf file as provided above.
  2. Cut Off The White Edges
    • Cut off the surrounding white edges.
  3. Fold Along Both Dashed Lines
    • Fold along the horizontal dashed line first, and then the vertical dashed line.
  4. Finished! ✨
    • The card is done! Fill out the info on the inside of the card.

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