Fun Slides Employees Give Back to the Homeless

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that you’re inside a warm house with a refrigerator full of food in the kitchen.

Imagine not having that. Imagine being outside in this cold Pittsburgh weather and being unsure where your next meal will come from.

The homeless people of Pittsburgh struggle with hunger and freezing temperatures every day.

That’s why a former assistant manager of Fun Slides started a Go Fund Me page to make backpacks with essential items for the homeless. She talks with them, gets to know them, and prays with them while handing out backpacks. We aim to meet their physical needs by giving them items such as food, clothing, toiletries, and water bottles.

But, we don’t leave them without talking to them about the Living Water – Jesus Christ.

Lives are already being changed, and hope is spreading through the city. Take a look at one of our recent encounters with a young, homeless man:

“His story begins recently when he was forced to leave his home just about a week or so ago when he began living on the frigid streets of the city. The moment I met him and he laid eyes on the bag, he burst out into tears. He explained he had no idea what he was going to eat tomorrow or how he was going to get by, but this bag gave him something I could have never predicted. It gave him security. At the end of our conversation, he asked me to pray for him.”

If you want to be part of this ministry that affects and changes lives in our community, DONATE HERE. We are so grateful for your help!