Show Your Colors

What Days?

June 18th & June 19th
June 25th & June 26th

What Time?

All Day

What is Happening?

If you want to let your true colors shine, then Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark and Party Center is the place for you! Show Your Colors Weekends are the perfect opportunity to let your colors shine bright!

We celebrate our differences here at Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark and Party Center. We are a safe and fun environment in which to show off your true colors, regardless of what they may be, without worrying about discrimination or violence.

We’ll gladly accept every type—whether you’re celebrating Pride Month or just wanting some good times with friends and family. Let loose with friends without worrying that someone might be judging how you express yourself; we’ll always have an open-minded environment where you can show off your true colors.

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