Engage Students in STEM Before Summer Starts

Teachers are always one step ahead. While their students celebrate spring break, educators are already thinking about final reviews. Believe it or not, summer break is almost here. How will you keep kids excited about STEM over the summer?

Engaging Kids in STEM

STEM industries are growing almost twice as fast as any other industry. Yet more and more kids are losing interest.

  • Out of 24 countries, the U.S. ranks 27th in the world for math.
  • The U.S. ranks 20th for science.
  • Only 36% of high school graduates are prepared for college-level science courses.
  • Only 44% of high school graduates are prepared for college-level math courses.
  • 74% of middle school girls express interest in STEM, but only 0.4% enroll in high school computer science courses.
  • In 2020, only 29% of computer specialist job openings are projected to be filled by qualified grads.

It’s important not only to engage kids in STEM early, but to find fun ways to keep them curious as they grow older. What can we do?

newton's laws of motion

STEM Field Trips

The key to sustaining students’ interest in STEM is to find fun, creative ways to engage their minds in science, technology, engineering, and math. That means fun classroom science projects, book recommendations for parents, and exciting educational field trips. Fun Slides combines STEM lessons with active play with a little help from Professor Slyde. Kids will get to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion firsthand on our skating ramps. We have great lessons for elementary and middle school groups of all ages.

Want your kids to be talking about STEM all summer? Book an end of the year field trip at Fun Slides.