Bye, Blurry Facebook Pics

Did you know that May is National Photo Month? For most of us, taking pics of the kids is a basic parental instinct. Whether it’s because your daughter just nailed a tricky move on the quarter pipe or because your preschooler made a funny face when falling over, these are memories you’ll cherish! But there’s a difference between taking pictures and taking good pictures. Fun Slides is here to make sure you never post a blurry Facebook pic again. Put those memories into sharp focus with these tips for taking photos of kids.

How to Take a Great Action Shot

  1. Keep your camera ready. Trust us, by the time you fumble for your phone, open the camera app, and snap a picture, you’ll be lucky to get a blurry shot at a weird angle. The best way to capture your child’s latest skating move is to have your phone ready and your camera app open. If you really want to score the perfect Christmas card pic, follow the action with your phone so all you have to do is click.
  2. Use burst mode. Did you know that your camera phone has the secret for taking a great action photo built into its software? It’s called burst mode, and it lets you take a series of rapid-fire pictures so you can capture every second of the action. Just aim your phone, focus the shot, and hold down the camera button. Your phone will do the rest!
  3. Stay in the moment. If you take a break to delete blurry photos, you might miss an amazing shot. Stay focused and save the organization and Facebook posting for later.

All that’s left is to capture that perfect moment! Come to Fun Slides skatepark for big action, big fun, and big smiles! And don’t forget to tag Fun Slides when you share your top action shots on social media.