Announcing our Sensory-Friendly Skates

Many family entertainment facilities are loud, crowded, and stressful for sensory-sensitive kids. Fun Slides Skating Center is committed to creating a fun,stress-free environment where kids with autism and other disabilities can play at their own pace. Thats why we are committed to making the opportunity for spectrum kids to have a chance to hit the park and have fun at a Sensory-Friendly Skate. Sensory-Friendly Skates give sensory-sensitive children a chance to hit the park and have fun! They can skate, jump, and play without worrying about unexpected noises, loud music, bright or flashing lights, or large crowds of kids. April is National Autism Awareness Month, and we’re excited to do our part to help sensory-sensitive kids in Pittsburgh.

Autism-Friendly Skating at Fun Slides

Parents and teachers have been successful using carpet skates to help special needs kids. Carpet skates are excellent for helping kids rehabilitate after injuries, teaching kids fine motor skills, and providing fun play for sensory-sensitive children. Carpet skates are available to purchase for use at home, or you can bring your kids into our skatepark during one of our low-stimulation skate events. The benefits of carpet skating include:

  • Increased stability, balance, coordination, and motor skills
  • Improvements in behavior when used as a classroom incentive
  • Increase in hand coordination as kids learn to strap them over their shoes
  • Increased muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and general fitness levels
  • Increased eye contact
  • Increased trunk rotation in typically rigid individuals

Carpet skating lets kids exercise, play, and socialize on their own terms. Fun Slides has partnered with Autism Village to provide the support sensory-sensitive kids need while they’re here. If you are interested in having your special needs group at Fun Slides, please call and book your private group event today!