All treats, no tricks!


Can you believe it’s almost time to go trick-or-treating again? We hope your little ones have found a costume that they love and if that is the case, let’s be honest – they have probably already worn it around the house, not to mention the grocery store. 

No matter if they have their costume lined up or not, we want to give you tips for safe trick-or-treating success in the Pittsburgh area!

Lose the Mask

While masks can complete a costume, they’re also known to hinder your children’s vision. It’s already going to be dark out, do try to see if facepaint can stand in in place of a mask. That said, if a mask is a necessity, don’t ruin your child’s night, but keep an extra close watch as they walk door to door.

Flexible Props

Plastic swords, lightsabers, and shields all look great, but they’re also more likely to get caught on a bush or trip you up on a sidewalk. Try looking for props that are made of flexible material and still look the part.

Plan a Route

Last but not least, before you and your kids hit the neighborhood, print out a map and highlight the route you’re going to take. This way you can avoid any busy intersection and get an idea for how long you’ll be out. (So you can get home and plan your future trip to Fun Slides!)