5 Reasons Carpet Skating Is Better Than Regular Skating

We all know the joy of gliding around a skating rink, lost in our own little world. Roller-skating is a classic activity that’s an integral part of many people’s childhoods. At Fun Slides Skatepark, we’ve taken a good thing and made it even better! Why is carpet skating the best kind of skating?

5 Reasons Carpet Skating Beats Regular Skating

  1. It’s easy to learn. The first thing they teach you in roller-skating lessons is how to fall so you don’t hurt yourself. You may not master carpet skates right away, but it’s much easier to keep your balance when you’re standing on your own two feet. And if you do take a spill, don’t worry. The carpet is there to cushion your fall.
  2. The gear is affordable. If your kid gets into roller-skating or skateboarding, the equipment will set you back hundreds of dollars. Carpet skates work with your regular tennis shoes, and they’re affordable whether you rent or own.
  3. You can take it to the extreme. Regular skaters practice for years before they’re able to tackle challenges like the half pipe. On carpet skates, you can get there on your first lesson! We have staff members on standby to help kids (and daring parents) master the basics and graduate to skating tricks.
  4. There are plenty of Xtras. Ready for a break from ramps and slides? Ramp up the fun with Xtra activities like Blacklight Dodgeball and the Super Ninja Challenge obstacle course.
  5. It’s more fun! C’mon, who hasn’t wanted to slide down the hallway in their socks? We’ve taken that impulse and turned it into an entire skatepark! Slide and glide to your heart’s content at Fun Slides Skatepark.